Reporting to Parents

At Tauranga Primary School it is acknowledged that encouragement and support from parents and carers are important elements in the learning process. 

It is vital that parents and caregvers  are well informed.  Reporting to parents and carers occurs through:

  • Setting the Scene: parent information evening held at the beginning of each year
  • Learning Conferences: Terms 1 and 3
  • Written reports: part of the Term 3 Learning Conference and End of Year summative report for Years 4 to 6.  Children in Years 1-3 are provided with written reports twice a year and these align with their  time at school  (Anniversary Reports, after 1,2 and 3 years at school and the interim report is at the mid-way point between the anniversary reports)
  • Assessment Data:  shared as necessary ongoing throughout the year.
  • Sharing learning experiences as they happen via our school facebook page, and classroom blogs.
  • Parent information evenings eg How you can help at home with Reading
  • Informal conversations throughout the year.
  • New Entrant, School Entry Assessment:  This is shared with parents after  6 weeks of schooling.
  • 6 Year Net - information from this assessment is shared with parents soon after your child has turned 6 years old.