School Donation

Our school needs you

Together, we are learning to go places”.  We invite our school families to partner with Tauranga Primary School, so that we can provide our children with the best possible educational opportunities,  through paying your school donation.


At Tauranga Primary School we are continually striving to provide high quality, future focused education  for all of our learners.   The learners at TPS  have the benefit of resources, facilities and learning opportunities that we can all be very proud of. This is achieved through the support of our parents, through time invested in support of our  school and financial contributions.

We are asking for 50c a day

How much is the school donation?

$100.00 (50c a day) for the first child

$75.00 (38c a day) for subsequent children


Do donations make a difference?

Yes, yes and yes, they make a big difference.

If all families elected to partner and support the school through their school donation we would generate $30 000 that would be spent directly on children and learning.


What does the School Donation pay for?

School Pool  - maintenance and running cost for the year


Reading Resources (instructional)


Library Books (recreational)


Maths Resources


Art and Craft Equipment


Music and Drama Resources


Sports Co-ordinator Role - contribution


Sports Equipment


Sports Uniforms


ICT equipment (computers, iPads etc)






Your School Donation can be claimed as a Tax Credit 

to claim complete the Tax Credit Claim Form (IR526)  and attach your receipt for the School Donation.