School House System

Tauranga Primary School Houses

In 2014 we introduced a House system for our students.  The intention is for the House system to add to our school culture and encourage a sense of team and healthy competition.  We have several House Spirit days during the year, where students are encouraged to wear the colour of their house to school.

Takitimu ( Blue)

Takitimu was a  sacred waka that sailed through the Pacific as part of the 7 canoe migration to Aotearoa.  Takitimu was lead by Tamatea and first landed up north before coming to Tauranga.  Tamatea chose to stay here in Tauranga and is buried on Mauao.

Puriri (Red)

Puriri is a native evergreen tree.  TPS has two puriri trees on site.  With one of the two trees planted by the Principal (Mr A Bell) and  Head Prefects (Lyn Christian and Gordan Riggir) of Tauranga District High School to commemorate the coronation of King George 6 on the 12 May 1937.

Huria (Yellow)

Huria is the local Marae affiliated to Tauranga Primary School.  Dr Maharaia Winiata, a prominent Maori leader from Huria, was a past student of Tauranga Primary School.

 Mauao (Green)

Mauao, is an extinct volcanic cone at the end of a peninsula and the town of Mount Maunganui, by the eastern entrance to the Tauranga Harbour.  Mauao is our mountain.