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Nau mai, haere mai
ki te Kura Tuatahi o Tauranga

Welcome to Tauranga Primary School


As Principal of Tauranga Primary School, I feel very privileged to lead a professional, caring and highly skilled staff. Support from whānau and our school community ensures that our learners experience a large variety of engaging learning opportunities, and benefit from a school environment with extensive resources and support programmes.  

TPS is a special place to learn and grow in.

Ngā manaakitanga

Fiona Hawes
Principal | Tumuaki




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Our school vision is:
Together, we are learning to go places.


Our vision statement reflects our desire to work in collaboration to engage, challenge and support our students, to grow their capabilities and dispositions as learners, so that they can thrive in learning and life.

Our kaupapa is focused on three strategic goals:

  • Ako - Leading, Learning and Teaching Practices:   Teaching and leadership practice is informed by research, coherent and responsive to our learners.


  • Whanaungatanga – Learning Community: Our school culture is collaborative and inclusive, based on relationships of care and connectiveness.


  • Tūrangawaewae – Learning Environment: Our school is a safe, well-resourced and inspiring learning environment.


Our TPS Learning Principles:

Whanaungatanga - Relationships


Mahi Ngātahi - Collaboration


Tikanga Ako - Learning to Learn




Term Dates 2021

Term 1

Thursday 4th February 
Friday 16th April 
New Entrant cohort start dates:
1.  4/02/2021

2.  15/03/2021 

Waitangi Day - 8th February (School Closed)
Easter - 2nd , 5th & 6th April (School Closed)

Term 2

Tuesday 3rd May
Friday 9th July 
New Entrant cohort start dates:
1.  3/05/2021
2.  8/06/2021 (Tuesday)

Queen’s Birthday - 7th June (School Closed)

Term 3

Monday 26th July
Friday 1st October 
New Entrant cohort start dates:
1.  26/07/2021
2.  30/08/2021

Term 4

Monday 18th October 
Thursday 16th December 
New Entrant cohort start dates
1.  18/10/2021
2. 15/11/2021

Labour Day - 25th October (School Closed)



Term Dates 2020

Term 1

Monday 3rd February
to Thursday 9th April
Waitangi Day - 6 February 
Teacher Only Day - 13th March (School Closed)
Easter Friday - 10th April 

Term 2

Tuesday 28th April
to Friday 3rd July
Queen’s Birthday - 1st June 
Teacher Only Day - 15th May (School Closed)

Term 3

Monday 20th July
to Friday 25th September
Teacher Only Day - 21st August (School Closed)

Term 4

Monday 12th October
to Tuesday 15th December
Labour Day - 26th October

Our History

Tauranga Primary School was first established as a Missionary School in 1835 by Sarah Wade, the wife of the Rev. R. W. Wade, on the site where 'The Elms' now stands.

The school (a raupo hut) was responsible for educating 30 local children.

Bishop Selwyn produced the plans for an imposing two storied gable building, with a belfry, to become a 'Mission Training Institute' for 60 young Māori children to be trained in various crafts and agriculture. This building was opened in 1860.

With a growing conflict between Māori and Europeans, the Institute was closed in 1863 and was used as a hospital during the Gate Pa Battles. After the hospital closed, the Institute was turned back into a school (in approx. 1886) with Mrs Dalziell as the teacher and a roll of 50 students. On Monday 9 January 1871, The Central Education Board took over the operation of the school, paying Mrs Dalziell £40 per year and expecting the community to match this figure. From that date Tauranga District School was established.

In 1872, the school was moved onto land between St Johns Street and 10th Avenue. Three further rooms were built and both Māori and European children were taught.

In 1880 a second site closer to town was purchased on the corner of Harrington Street and Cameron Road, where the current Court House is situated. This No. 2 school was built at a cost of £1,070.

In 1904, at a cost of £432, the No 2 School was moved to its current location and the No.1 school buildings were sold. The Tauranga District School roll continued to grow, and in 1920 the junior school was relocated onto land bordering 5th and 6th Avenues. In 1958 Tauranga Boys’ College was built and the school was renamed Tauranga School.



School Houses


In 2014 we introduced a House system for our students. The intention is for the House system to add to our school culture and encourage a sense of team and healthy competition. We have several House Spirit days during the year, where students are encouraged to wear the colour of their house to school. Each term the winning House wears their House tee shirt on the last day of term, and has an extended lunch break. We award the coveted House Shield at the end of each year to the overall winning House.




Takitimu was a sacred waka that sailed through the Pacific as part of the seven canoe migration to Aotearoa. Takitimu was led by Tamatea and first landed up north before coming to Tauranga. Tamatea chose to stay here in Tauranga and is buried on Mauao.



Puriri is a native evergreen tree. TPS has two puriri trees on site. With one of the two trees planted by the Principal (Mr A Bell) and Head Prefects (Lyn Christian and Gordan Riggir) of Tauranga District High School to commemorate the coronation of King George 6 on the 12 May 1937.



Huria is the local Marae affiliated to Tauranga Primary School. Dr Maharaia Winiata, a prominent Maori leader from Huria, was a past student of Tauranga Primary School.



Mauao is our mountain. Mauao is of great cultural significance to our region. Tauranga’s three Iwi, Ngati Ranginui, Ngai Te Rangi, and Ngati Pukenga, regard Mauao as their most sacred mountain.





Sport @ TPS


Throughout the year there are many fun and competitive sports on offer at TPS. Your child may benefit in many ways through playing a team sport. Through sport, children can develop their sporting skills, increase their self confidence, make new friends and have loads of fun. Sport teams that play in competitions outside of school hours include netball, miniball, basketball, volleyball, cricket, water polo, hockey and rippa rugby. During term time we host various school events such as Swimming Sports, Cross Country and Athletics. Parents are welcome to attend these events. We ask that children wear their house colours or house shirts on any day they are competing in a school sports' event.


Sport Co-ordinator
Jo Taele



Lunch Orders

Pita Pit- Friday

Pita Pit order and payment is via the School Shop only.
Pita Pit orders must be placed before 9:00 am on Fridays.

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Together, we are learning to go places Akongia Tātou ngā haere ki wāhi kē