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Please note ETAP is our school online student management system. Information you record onto this website is safe and security protected for your privacy. Tauranga Primary School is the only organisation that can access this information.

Alternatively,  you can download an enrolment form:

TPS Enrolment Form

 Once you have completed the enrolment form, please return it to the Tauranga Primary School office

TPS Whānau Information Booklet

 School's Out - onsite, before and after school care provider


Cohort Entry Policy


Cohort entry applies to 5 year olds (New Entrant enrolments) only. There are eight starting dates for 5 year olds during the year.  Students can start school on a cohort entry date after their fifth birthday.
Please note that it is a legal requirement that a child is enrolled at a school from age 6. Therefore, if not already enrolled, a child can start school on their 6th birthday regardless of a school’s cohort entry policy, but must start school no later than their 6th birthday.


     Term 1 2nd Feb – 14th April                              Term 2  2nd May – 8th July

     Cohort entry date: 04/02/2022                              Cohort entry date: 02/05/2022

     Cohort entry date:14/03/2022                              Cohort entry date: 07//06/2022 (Tuesday)


     Term 3 25th July – 30th Sept                           Term 4 17th Oct - 15th Dec

     Cohort entry date: 25/07/2022                            Cohort entry date: 17/10/2022

     Cohort entry date: 29/08/2022                            Cohort entry date: 12111/2022



Out of Zone Applications


Our school operates an enrolment scheme and, if your residential address is outside our school zone your application will be treated as an out-of zone application.

Once we have received a completed enrolment form you will be placed our waiting list for consideration in the next advertised ballot. We ask that you inform us if you no longer wish to stay on the waiting list (for example if you enrol your child/ren at another school or move away from the area).

Information about the ballot process can be found at the Ministry of Education website link

Should you have any other queries at this stage or wish to make a time to visit our school, please email us at office@tauranga.school.nz  or call our Enrolment Officer on 07 578 6222.


Our ballot dates for 2022 are:

  • Term 1   Friday 28 October 2021
  • Term 1   Additional ballot if required Friday 28 January 2022
  • Term 2   Friday 4 March 2022
  • Term 3   Friday 3 June 2022
  • Term 4   Friday 26 August 2022

School Zone


Our school operates an enrolment scheme (school zone). This scheme helps to protect our school from overcrowding. If you live within the school zone, then your children are guaranteed a place at TPS. Out-of-zone applications for enrolment are considered through a ballot system, and are subject to available places in suitable classes. To enrol or find out more information please contact the school 07 578 6222 or email our enrolment officer office@tauranga.school.nz

TPS Enrolment Scheme



A stationery fee is paid annually, this covers all of your child's basic stationery requirements for the entire school year.  All stationery is accessed directly in the classroom by the teacher and students.  No need to name, organise or cover books, it is all taken care of by the school.  Year 3 to 6  students are asked to provide their own small pencil case if possible, but this is not compulsary

The stationery charge is payable through the School Shop or directly at the school office. Please use the following links to access School Shop:
School Shop - registered users
School Shop - new users


The Stationery Fees for 2022 are:

Year 1 - $51.00  new to TPS  - new entrant students starting at TPS in 2022  (Rooms 14,15,17 & 19) - includes whiteboard and bookbag.

Year 1 - $23.00 returning students  - new entrant students from 2021 (note: some stationery purchased in 2021 will be transferred to 2022)

Year 2 - $38.00 - Rooms 11,12 & 13 - new students to TPS will also require a book bag and whitebaord


Year 3 - $50.00  (includes a new book bag and whiteboard)

Year 4 - $40.00  - new students to TPS will also require a book bag and whitebaord


Year 5 - $48.00 (new whiteboard included)

Year 6 - $40.00 - new students to TPS will also require a whitebaord







Our school uniform can be purchased at the school office. The school is the only supplier of TPS monogrammed uniform items.

Uniform Prices




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